Accupedo-Pro Pedometer is an application software for you and users who want to know how many steps they take during the day and how far they travel, using a gyroscope sensor and an intelligent algorithm that counts only the steps. Slow will help you measure the steps you take and bring you an interesting walking experience! By activating the program, the number of your moving steps is calculated by the phone’s sensors and stops if the program stops; Now what phone do you have in your pocket or in your bag !Maybe you are one of those people who walk a long distance every day and you like to know exactly how many steps you take in a certain time, so in such cases, the application of a great pedometer will come to your aid and with facilities Unique itself surprises you! The very simple and classic user interface of the program , showing the amount of your steps based on different charts, etc., all go hand in hand to bring the best pedometer program on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Some features and capabilities of Accupedo-Pro Pedometer Android:

  • Ability to import or backup stored activity information
  • Ability to customize the application by changing the color of the widget, settings and appearance of the application
  • Intelligent algorithms to start tracking after you take 4 to 12 steps
  • Having a stylish custom widget to put on your mobile home screen
  • Display the amount of your steps on a daily , weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Display distance traveled, number of steps, calories burned and walking time
  • Ability to automatically and manually send an email of stored information and activity level
  • Having a very simple and classic user environment away from any ambiguity

Application Accupedo-Pro Pedometer now in the Android Market at a price of $ 3.99 goes on sale with points 4.1 to 5.0 and more than 50 thousand have been sold to us today in Usroid latest version of it to put you And you can download it for free with one click; It is better to announce at the end of your presence that the version available in the markets is basically the free version of the program, which has much less features than our paid version !


Accupedo-Pro Pedometer