Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp v4.2.1 – Simulation game “Animal Life: Small Camp” for Android
Another interesting and fun game from Nintendo
tested with online play

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Animal Crossing: Small Camp is another beautiful and fantasy game from the famous and prestigious Nintendo studio.For Android phones and tablets. This game has been developed for free and is available to Android players around the world on Google Play, but since this game, like many other similar games, is not available to Iranian players, Iranian users can not normally use it. Download from Google Play. Therefore, you dear ones can download the latest version of this game for free and tested from Usroid servers, and easily install and run this game on your device without any problems. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, like many other Nintendo games, is a fantasy and childish game. It seems that the company has invested in making such games for its mobile games sector, and its target audience is children and young people. Animal Crossing Game: Pocket Camp is exactly one of those games, but the truth is that the overall structure of this game is so interesting that it can not be considered just a trivial game for children, and maybe it is better to know only the appearance and characterization of children. It is interesting to know that this game, despite its appearance, is a managerial and professional game that may not seem very suitable for children, and another very important point in this game is the numerous dialogues of the characters with each other and the possibility The choice of different options by the player from the various dialogues, which causes the game process to change. That is why it should be said that in the game of animal life: small camp, familiarity with English is required to a minimum, otherwise you will not understand the game process and the right choices.

Some features of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Android game:

  • Awesome graphics and animation
  • Three-dimensional and interesting designs
  • Third person gameplay style
  • Interesting simulation of a managerial adventure and childish fantasy
  • Ability to build, develop and manage an attractive camp
  • Ability to create the main character of the game according to your choices such as gender, hairstyle, skin color, eye model and so on
  • There are various characters in the story section of the game
  • There are hundreds of dialogue lines and the possibility of choosing your character’s dialogues from several options and changing the game process
  • Multiple missions and the possibility of traveling to different places
  • There are more than 100 species of animals in this camp and it is possible to get acquainted with each of them

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a seemingly childish game with very fresh and uplifting themes that has a lot of impact along with beautiful designs and colorful graphics. Although, as mentioned, the appearance and generality of this game seems to be designed only for children, but the wide range of different parts of this game makes it possible to consider the game of animal life as a game for all ages. To get more acquainted with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you can watch the video of its trailer prepared for you by Usroid and then download the latest version from the site’s servers.

Note: No hacked or modded versions are available for this game. If such a version is released for this game, Usroid will provide it to you.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp