$ 30 Anatomy Reference Application Atlas of Anatomy v4.3.059 Android – only on Usroid website!

Atlas of Anatomy is a powerful and complete software in the field of atlas of the human body for the Android operating system, which was designed by the famous company and well-known name Mobile Systems, Inc. and is for sale in the Android Market! Introduced as the best pocket atlas of the human body anatomy in the Android Market, this application brings an unprecedented level of anatomy software to students on their Android phones with its high quality HD photos ! If you want to bring a complete laboratory of the human body to your mobile phone , install the Atlas of Anatomy program and easily see all the structures and definitions related to your body parts!

Anatomy program ahead; Designed for healthcare professionals, students and will bring a complete lab to your smartphone! Atlas of Body Anatomy includes thousands of large images and HD with descriptions of various parts of the human body and can be used as the best tool in learning, studying and reviewing the field of anatomy!

Some features and capabilities of Atlas of Anatomy Android application:

* Including all non-human components without any shortcomings

* Having a section titled “Date” to display your last visit

* Having a powerful search function to find different body parts

* Having fast and smart word search functions while you type

* Having a Favorites section to create a list and category of favorite members

* Support for online and offline modes (online mode for use with the Internet and offline to download Atlas load)

Applications Atlas of Anatomy is now in the Android Market at a price of $ 29.99 is sold, and due to its high price received very little of it has been done and has a rating of 3.4 out of 5.0 is undoubtedly the points worthy of this great Is not! Today in Usroid, we provide this application as the first Iranian website for free and with a direct link, and we hope it will be useful.


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Atlas of Anatomy Android