File Transfer V3.3.0 Auto the app automatically moving files designated for the Android  
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One of the biggest advantages of smartphones over classic phones is that they have a lot of memory compared to older phones. In classic phones, finally 2 GB of memory can be seen, but in smartphones, up to 512 GB of internal memory can be found. However, due to the widespread use of smart operating systems, the memory of today’s phones, although large, fills up very quickly. The first way to compensate for the lack of memory is to delete the files on the phone. But sometimes the files we have on the phone are very valuable and we can not delete them, in these cases the solution is to use an external memory such as an SD card. These memories can also be provided in different types and sizes. In some Android smartphones, it is possible to completely transfer applications and files to the SD card, which of course requires the device to be rooted. But on many phones, this is not possible. To help solve this problem, you can install the application that we introduce today.Auto File Transfer Premium as an application for the automatic transfer of files to the destination specified by the software for the Android operating system that Noople developed and published for free in the Google Play store. With this program you can specify that if a file is added to a specific folder, that file will be automatically moved to a folder in the external storage. For example, many camera apps, including the phone’s default camera app, can’t store their files anywhere other than the phone’s main memory. Using this application, you can specify that when taking a photo or video, the file will be transferred to external memory. This way, you can always have enough memory on your device without having to root the device or get involved with manually transferring files.

Some of the features and functionality of the application Auto File Transfer Android :

  • Support for subfolders
  • File replacement support (when file names are the same)
  • Notify of completion of transfer using notification
  • Scan multimedia files after transferring files
  • Ability to set latency to detect new files
  • Support for multitasking and concurrent processing
  • Ability to make backups and restore backups
  • Ability to turn the software on or off

Application Auto File Transfer is a great program and very useful for all users is often a warning message and will not face all of the phone’s internal memory for file transfer programs, not root your phone. Auto File Transfer , with the consent of Android users could Score 3.9 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium and unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Auto File Transfer