Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync ULTIMATE v6.5.1 – Automatic File Sync Application with Dropbox on Android!
Unlocked and Ad-Free Version Presented to You, Dear Ones.

Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync is an essential mobile application for syncing files in Dropbox from MetaCtrl for Android. With the advancement of cloud servers in recent years, we have seen the emergence of various companies offering cloud server services. These servers have acceptable security and can be accessed at any time and place, in addition to their high speed. Dropbox is one of the top cloud service providers that offers countless features to its users with free cloud space. Many people in Iran also use this powerful host to store and backup their files. The Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync ULTIMATE application, which we intend to introduce in this post, can be a powerful assistant for managing storage space in your Dropbox. Automatically sync your files and all your documents with the Dropbox server to have a copy of them on the cloud server. The most important feature of this application, which seems to be designed based on it, is two-way sync service, so that by sending any file to your Dropbox service, a copy of the same file is automatically placed on your device, or if you receive a file on your smartphone, a copy of it is immediately stored on Dropbox cloud servers. However, you can disable this two-way access and use one-way access for your communication. Just set up the application to automatically sync your service at different intervals!

Some of the features and capabilities of Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync ULTIMATE for Android:

  • Full two-way synchronization of the program and running it in the background
  • Having different modes for synchronizing files
  • Changes to files after any changes made to them on an Android phone or Dropbox server
  • Program scheduling for automatic synchronization of files at various times
  • Support for various communication methods such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX
  • Support for Tasker plugin for complex synchronizations
  • Synchronization of identical folders with each other
  • Upload files larger than 10 megabytes
  • Smart change detection (fast synchronization!)
  • Synchronization of your entire cloud account with a folder on your Android device
  • Protection of program settings using a password
  • No ads in the program
  • Support for the program by the developer

MetaCtrl developer has released the amazing Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync ULTIMATE app for free on the Android market with in-app purchases and has managed to receive a good rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, which you can now download the unlocked and professional version of the app for free as always from Usroid.