Breathing Point- Breathing Exercise for relaxation v1.2.0 – Android relaxing breathing exercises application
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Many physicians believe that breathing, or more properly breathing, can relieve many of the stresses and strains of the day and calm people down; Therefore, a group of researchers in this field have come together and with the cooperation of skilled programmers of the Android operating system, have introduced excellent software in this field. Breathing Point- Breathing Exercise for relaxationIs a popular Android relaxing breathing exercise application developed by IT-SOLBIZ and published in the large Google Play Market. The above program, with its special exercises, helps you to experience exemplary relaxation without any movement and just by breathing in 5 minutes. The techniques in this startup help you to enjoy your life from moment to moment and you can overcome your anger in any situation. Educational animations can be considered as one of the strengths of this startup; In a way that shows the type of deep breathing step by step and help the user to get the best result from his exercises. In addition to relieving stress with exercise, you can help your internal organs digest food and control your blood pressure.

Some features and capabilities of Android Breathing Point- Breathing Exercise for relaxation program:

  • Special and extremely practical breathing exercises
  • Achieve peace of mind in just 5 minutes
  • Fantastic educational animations to show step-by-step breathing
  • Relaxing music to relieve stress and meditate
  • BPM status with progress bar to show accurate breathing
  • Completely scientific and accurate exercises to have the most efficiency
  • Ability to control your stress and anger
  • Very simple user interface

App Breathing Point- Breathing Exercise for relaxation according to their own ability and his ability has set a price of 0.99 dollar Score 4.0 from 5.0 and Google Play users can now receive the newest version of the website purchased it Usroid Receive.

Changes in version v1.2.0:

* Added soothing piano music
* View breathing progress bar


Breathing Point- Breathing Exercise for relaxation