Brutal Age: Horde Invasion – عصر گنده بک ها: حمله بربرها is a popular, entertaining, and interesting game in the strategy games genre from tap4fun game studio for Android. Its latest update has been released simultaneously with its publication for download, and it’s up to you to take the lead! By installing Brutal Age: Horde Invasion on your Android tablet or phone, you can bring a beautiful strategy game, an interesting simulation of the Stone Age, and characters of the Stone Age to your device! Create your own unique tribe, build a village for it, put a watchtower for it, face other tribes from around the world, and expand your borders; advance enough to become the most powerful tribe! Prepare your warriors for a crucial hunt; many challenges await you! In the Brutal Age: Horde Invasion game, you create your own tribe and attack other tribes with trained forces to loot their resources! You can use 15 warriors in battles, each with their own special abilities! If you’re a fan of strategy games like Clash Of Kings, Brutal Age: Horde Invasion will undoubtedly catch your attention! This game is excellently designed and made for its small size and will undoubtedly bring a different experience of strategy games to your Android phone.

Some of the features of the strategic game Brutal Age: Horde Invasion for Android:

  • Create your own territory and expand it
  • Attack other territories and loot them
  • Zoom in on the map and see all the details carefully
  • Prepare your warriors and use them in battles
  • Train +15 warriors and take advantage of their power in battles
  • Hunt mammoths, ancient monsters, and other stone creatures
  • Enjoy colorful environment with HD graphics for days

The game Brutal Age: Horde Invasion has been downloaded about 10 million times by Android users worldwide to date and has managed to get a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, which we at Usroid have provided the latest and newest version without the need for data to download. You can first see images and trailers of its gameplay and finally, if you wish, download it with one click from the high-speed servers of the site.

1 – This is an online game.
2 – The game cannot be hacked and does not have a mod version.
3 – From now on, the game will be available as a single installation file without data, with a size of +120 megabytes, provided by its creator.
4 – From now on, always download the game update simultaneously with its release from this download page.


Brutal Age Horde Invasion