Chess – Analyze This (Pro) v5.4.8 – Chess Training Analysis Training Game for Android
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Chess – Analyze This – Chess Movements Analysis is an educational game in the category of board games and chess sports that has been released in two free and paid versions (priced at $ 4.99) and you can download the first version in Iran. Ask for the purchased and paid game in full and without restrictions from Usroid site. The game was developed by the Indian studio MyChessApps. As the name and title of this game suggest, in Chess – Analyze This you can learn chess professionally and have a good view of competitors’ decisions by learning the system of analyzing vertebrate movements. The very interesting mechanism of Chess – Analyze This game is that it analyzes its data from the servers of the best online chess servers such as, lichess ,chess24 receives and notifies you of the results at the same time. In fact, the game uses several separate analysis engines (Chess Engines) to analyze the movements of chess pieces. Chess – Analyze This has many other features. For example, in a section called Master games in difficult situations, you can compete in chess with powerful artificial intelligence and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Another interesting feature of this game is that you can save a chess competition whenever you want in a special file and run it on other devices that have Chess – Analyze This game to the same movements and Keep the beads in other devices as well, and easily continue the gameplay anywhere and in any device.

Some features of Chess – Analyze This Android game:

  • Simultaneous support for multiple chess game servers such as or Chess24
  • Ability to download and load PGN files containing saved games and movements
  • Ability to save gameplay and bead moves in one file and share it with others
  • Has a professional training section for Master games
  • Advanced and new artificial intelligence
  • Learn the strategies and tactics of analyzing rival movements
  • Teach important and specialized tips for implementing different techniques
  • Protocol and UCI motor support
  • Ability to return to previous movements
  • Ability to hold competitions between different artificial intelligence
  • Extremely small size without the need for internet

Chess – Analyze This is a great option and a great offer for semi-professional chess players who want to become chess masters. With the help of this game with a volume of less than 7 MB, you can increase your skills in different sections and learn interesting tactics and strategies. Chess – Analyze This has been downloaded more than 10,000 times on Google Play and has a very good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 . As mentioned, this game has been released in two free and paid versions, which you can download the purchased version and tested from Usroid .

Changes to version v5.4.8:

* Apply minor optimizations


Chess - Analyze This