Undoubtedly, all of you users who deal with the Internet and web browsing know the popular Google browser called Chrome !? A powerful browser with a brilliant track record that has been able to attract millions of users from all over the world. Available for all Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and factor operating systems, this browser is one of the best hosts and a major competitor to other popular browsers such as Firefox. In Usroid, we are working with the Android version of this powerful browser, and to date we have introduced two different versions (original and beta), and today it is the turn of the Dev version of this browser, which has been released on Google Play under the name Chrome Dev. In the Dev version of this browser, like the beta version, there are newer features, so that when Google wants to add new features to its official browser, it first puts it on a trial basis on Chrome Beta and Dew to be used by users. It should be used and if there are bugs and problems, it should be fixed by notifying, and in the end, when all the bugs and problems have been fixed, it will implement it on the official version! In general, if you have a relatively strong phone (with hardware RAM + 2 GB + 4-core CPU) and are looking for the best Android web browser, we suggest you two browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome, which undoubtedly needs They will fix you. These two browsers have a much higher volume than the other browsers, which indicates their strong and excellent coding. Of course, not all versions of Chrome browser are released by the original programmers and coders of Google, and we do not see an unofficial and invalid version!

Some of the features of Chrome Dev Android web browser:

  • Rendering sites and web pages with the highest possible quality
  • Protecting private and security passwords and passwords
  • Avoid the potential dangers of Spy-Ware
  • Very fast loading of web pages
  • High security when browsing the web and in an unsafe Internet environment
  • Having an easy and attractive user interface


The Chrome Dev application is currently rated 4.3 out of 5.0 in the Play Store and has been downloaded more than five million times by Android users around the world. We at Usroid have introduced the latest and most recent version for Android devices. You can download this web browser for free with a direct link.


Chrome Dev