CLEAN & COOL v3.2.2 – Simple Android monitoring and optimization application Unlocked
version with access to all features
Introduced for the first time in Iran

In the Android operating system, like other existing operating systems, after a while, the continuous use of additional files left over from other software increases and causes disruption and slow speed in some different parts. One of the best ways to solve such a problem is to install optimization tools, of which we have provided various types of them to you dear ones. CLEAN & COOL Full Unlocked is a simple tool for monitoring and optimizing various parts by Magdalm for AndroidDeveloped and published in the big Google Play Market. By installing Clean & Cool and looking at its dashboard, you will easily understand that you are dealing with a simple but at the same time versatile app; There are various tools in the list of features of this program, among which we can mention the cache cleaning system and delete extra files; Just touch the relevant option to delete any unused files to greatly increase the speed of RAM and data storage and optimize CPU consumption to extend the life of your smartphone. Increase significantly. It is better not to miss this program and to read it, follow us in the following.

Some features and capabilities of CLEAN & COOL Android application:

  • Clear cache and extra files left over from other programs
  • Optimization of various parts of the device such as CPU, screen and…
  • Display the temperature of the device with two units of Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Real-time temperature, RAM, battery and storage monitoring

CLEAN & COOL application with a set of simple and at the same time functional features has been able to get an extraordinary score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than half a million active downloads , which you can now download the latest unlocked version. Get it by accessing all the features of Usroid site.

Changes in version v3.2.2:

* Support for Android 8.1
* Libraries update.