Cloud: Photo & Video Storage v4.66.0.10025632 – Safe and Feature-Packed Cloud Application for Android!
The original and official version of the app for the first time on Persian language websites.

Perhaps one of the best human advancements in technology is cloud servers, which allow you to access your files anytime and anywhere, and make necessary changes to them. Given the importance of these servers and the popularity of their use among smart device users, various service providers have entered this field, with Google and OneDrive being among the most popular. However, in this post, we intend to introduce you to a new and special service provider. Cloud: Photo & Video Storage is the title of a secure and feature-rich cloud storage app for Android, published by Mail.Ru Group. This software helps users access several gigabytes of cloud storage to store their information, including images and other files, in a special way and access them anytime and anywhere. Set up the program to automatically upload your images to your personal space and experience unlimited access. One of the most important features of this startup is the ability to create shared folders with your friends, allowing multiple people to access and make changes to the contents of a specific folder.

Some of the features and capabilities of Cloud: Photo & Video Storage Android app:

  • Access to multiple gigabytes of cloud storage
  • Extraordinary high security to protect uploaded files
  • View and make changes to your selected files
  • Directly share images and/or videos with your friends
  • Ability to stream videos without the need to download again
  • Create shared folders between you and your friends
  • Automatic upload of images when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Make changes to uploaded files without any restrictions

The Cloud: Photo & Video Storage app, with various features and capabilities in the field of cloud server services, has received more than 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You can now download the latest original version from direct links on Usroid.


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