CPU-Z V1.40 Ad-Free – Excellent and popular application “CPU Z” Displays all Android hardware information
Premium version with all features + optimized mod version separately

CPU-Z Premium + Mod – CPU Z is one of the most familiar and best software available for Windows operating system in the field of hardware identification, testing and review, the latest full version of which we have released for download at the same time as the release. And in front of you! If you want to know all the information about your Android smartphone or tablet, including reseller, CPU power, processor, kernel, etc., we suggest you don’t miss the CPU Z app! You may be one of the users who are interested in HD game, but by opening its download page from different sites, you came across several types of data and installation files, which are titled for Tagra, Adreno, Mali and Power VR. To downloadThey are located but do not know which item to download; In such cases, the CPU ZZ can also help you, and in the GPU Rendrer section, it will show you the type of mobile GPU so that you can get the right option according to your mobile phone. On the other hand, you may want to differentiate between stereo phones from the original. This application can also help you identify the original handsets through hardware information!

Some features, capabilities and features of Android CPU-Z:

  • View system information accurately: model and brand, screen resolution, RAM, Android version and so on
  • Display general battery information: charging rate, health, status, temperature, etc.
  • Having other powerful and useful functions such as Online Validation,
  • SOC section or System On Chip: displays CPU information , processing, etc.
  • Sensors section: To display complete information of all your mobile sensors

The CPU-Z app, with more than 50 million free downloads from the Play Store, tops the list of top apps and has a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 , and we have the latest version for free on Usroid today with a link We provide it directly to you and we hope it will be useful; The free version of Google Play includes ads, but our versions are without ads and complete.