Dim Light v2.06 – Adventure and scary game “Low Light” for Android with a trailer of
the purchased version of the game for $ 1, presented to you dear friends
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Dim Light – Dim Light is an adventure and exciting game from SanBae game studio in South Korea, which has been released for $ 1 on Google Play for Android devices, and we also decided to make this game At your requestPrepare for download. This game has an interesting and very exciting story. In this game you are in the role of a person who is stuck in a big abandoned hospital and all he has is a flashlight. This hospital has become a prison and a horrible and great hell, and darkness reigns in it. The forces of darkness are not going to let you escape so easily. But you have to get out of this predicament anyway and find a way to escape in order to survive! There is no one inside or even outside this hospital to help you! So you are trapped in a cursed place in the loneliest possible state. But surely you know that you are not alone! In this game, the dark forces that draw you to themselves with their scary whispers, are waiting to find and hunt you. From the beginning of the gameThis frightens the player and you have to try to escape as soon as possible. After a bit of searching, you will make noises that will make you more afraid than before. Of course, due to the type of gameplay and simple design of the game, Dim Light is not so scary, but in any case, the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the game is not tolerable for everyone.


Dim Light


In Dim LightThe whole frame of the screen is in complete darkness and only your footprints determine the direction of your movement. The game is followed from the top view. You should check your surroundings at all times with the help of your flashlight, but at one point only the part that you have lit with the flashlight is known. Other parts that are still in the dark are hidden. That’s why to avoid enemy attacks and approach them, you have to see very fast and every one or two seconds while moving, all around you by rotating. Beware of rapid attacks by enemies as they lurk in the dark and come towards you as soon as you approach them. The exit route of this hospital is like a complicated corridor and there are many different exit routes and doors in the game. It depends on your luck and of course your focus that you can move in the right direction. But if you choose the right path (which of course is not a very difficult task) you can see a hopeful light at the end of the path and save yourself from this scary hell by going to it! Dim Light game with interesting designs and fun and very exciting gameplay can entertain and excite you. This game with more than 50 thousand downloadsA score of 4.3 out of 5.0 has been put up for sale on Google Play, but you can easily download the purchased version right now from Usroid and install it on your Android device.

Changes in version v2.06:

* Eliminates the need to obtain permits