Dogo – Your Dog’s Favorite Training App v8.11.0 [Pro] – Virtual Dog Training App for Android
Professional and complete version worth $ 79.99 for the first time on Persian language sites

Dogs are one of the most popular animals kept by humans; We all know dogs with loyalty, but one of the reasons for choosing this animal is to learn things quickly. Many people ask their puppies to do things that these animals can easily do. But maybe one of the questions you have ever asked yourself is how to do this training ?! Dogo – Your Dog’s Favorite Training AppIs the title of a virtual dog training application developed by Dogo for Android and published on Google Play. Undoubtedly, Dogo is one of the best software that helps beginners so that you can train your dogs and ask them to do different things. There are more than 70 different tricks in the above program that have a special charm. Unlike some tools available in the Android Market, this startup has tried to provide all the tutorials with pictures step by step so that you can see interesting results in a short time. The existing intelligent system shows the progress of your dog in learning, which is unique in its kind. If you also have a pet puppy, it is better not to miss this program and join us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Dogo – Your Dog’s Favorite Training App for Android:

  • Learn over 70 different and fascinating tricks
  • Provide step-by-step tutorials with pictures
  • Internal sounds to sensitize the puppy!
  • Auto-click to play sound and view dog reaction
  • Internal reminder to prevent forgetfulness of dog training
  • Track progress and training provided
  • Mode to create different profiles for several different dogs

Application Dogo – Your Dog’s Favourite Training App to take advantage of the features and capabilities that interesting has been able to pay in-network $ 79.99 His 4.8 points from 5.0 to users of the Google Play received that can now use the newest version of its professional and Get from Usroid high speed servers in Iran. This app is introduced at your request.

Changes in version v8.11.0:

* Dog assessment test to start training from a certain level
* Choose the most fun training!


Dogo - Your Dog's Favourite Training App Pro