The tutorial for installing and running the game on this page should be carefully read.

Dream League Soccer 2023 v10.230 – The popular football game Dream League Soccer 2023 (DLS23) for Android
The 2023 version of a beloved football game
Tested with online play
Special recommendation

Dream League Soccer 2023 – Football Dream League 2023, also known as DLS 2023, is an exciting and thrilling game from the DLS series in the football sports genre. It is considered one of the most popular mobile football games along with games like eFootball PES 2020 and FIFA Mobile Soccer. In fact, it should be said that the Dream League Soccer game series is the main competitor of FIFA and PES in mobile games, and its interesting features such as the ability to play offline (which is not available in FIFA and PES games) have made fans of this game even more interested in it than the other two games. Just like Dream League Soccer 2019, which was made by First Touch Games Ltd., Dream League Soccer 2023 is also developed and produced by the same company. The Football Dream League 2023 game is a special version of this game series for the year 2023, which has been made and paid attention to with significant improvements compared to the previous generation of games, but its general features are still the same as the previous parts. It should be noted that there is not much difference in terms of graphics compared to previous parts, and the gameplay section of the game has not undergone any significant changes. However, it must be acknowledged that numerous changes have been made in Dream League Soccer 2023, the most important of which is the update of the team, player, and kit list. This time, Usroid has prepared, reviewed, and provided the new version of this game series at your request in the fastest possible time to excite football game fans. This beautiful and entertaining game with its unique features can entertain any football enthusiast.

  • An attractive and professional football simulator
  • Suitable graphics and details
  • Very high and professional shadowing
  • Realistic 3D modeling
  • Design of real footballers’ faces and features
  • Presence of more than 3500 footballers from different teams
  • Presence of famous football teams
  • Simulated and realistic gameplay with dynamic and impressive designs
  • Possibility of creating, managing, and expanding your exclusive team
  • Possibility of personalizing and customizing team jerseys or logos
  • The ability to use a program manager, coach, and other special items to manage a club
  • Presence of various competitions such as friendly matches or various tournaments
  • Having an online section called Dream League Online and the ability to play with other players around the world online
  • Practical and simple virtual controllers
  • Selected and fascinating soundtrack
  • Possibility of playing the game offline
  • Optimized and suitable size compared to the evolved content
  • The possibility of running the game on mid-range devices with normal specifications

Dream League Soccer 2023 is a game that has attracted a lot of gamers’ attention due to the success of its previous versions and the improvements and optimizations made in it. In this beautiful game, you can compete technically or participate professionally in 10 different championship cups and experience challenging and entertaining football competitions in this beautiful game. As mentioned, one of the top features of DLS 2023, unlike the two popular football games, is the ability to run it offline. Also, the smaller size and optimized graphics of this game have made it possible to experience it on mid-range devices. Usroid has provided the latest official and final update of this game at your request. It is worth mentioning that the Dream League Football League 2023 has crossed the 50,000 download mark on Google Play in less than a week and has achieved a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating.

1 : The prerequisite for the game is OPENGL 3.0 [OPENGL is not a program that you want to download – search for it on Google before commenting]
2 : With the arrival of Dream League Soccer 2023, version 2022 is no longer available and version 2023, which is in front of you, has replaced it.
3 : Always refer to Usroid and this page to download the latest update of the game.
4 : The game cannot be hacked and does not have a mod – do not ask about the mod.

How to run the game without any problems:
1. First, uninstall any version of the game installed on your device.
2. Find the game on Google Play with a suitable VPN and click on the Install button [the link to the game on Google Play is available in the download box of Usroid]. Stop the download as soon as it starts.
3. Download and install the latest version of the game installation file from Usroid’s download box.
4. After installing the game, run it. On the first run, you will see a message about updating the game. Click on the Update button to open the Google Play game page.
5. Update the game from Google Play. Note that the size of this update is less than 5 megabytes. After installing the update, you can run the game without any problems from Google Play.

Do not disconnect your VPN at any point during these steps. After successfully running the game without any problems, you can disconnect your VPN or even play the game offline in future attempts.


Dream League Soccer 2023