Drive After: Alcohol Calculator v1.34 [Pro] – Self-driving alcohol calculator app for Android
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Various drinks are consumed all over the world, and one of the most common ones can be alcoholic beverages. Reckless use of these types of drinks can have unintended consequences. One of the worst habits that you may have seen several cases of, and that is also strongly opposed by the law, is driving while using alcoholic beverages. This may cause the driver to display any type of reaction due to the state of intoxication and endanger the lives of dozens of people. Although we recommend that you never go near such drinks, if you use alcohol without considering its harmful effects, it is better to join us in this post. Drive After: Alcohol Calculator Pro Unlocked is the title of a special application for calculating blood alcohol levels after consuming drinks and alcohol, developed by D.D.M for Android and published in the large Google Play market. If we want to have simple and straightforward explanations for this software, we can call it a program to prevent driving based on blood alcohol levels. All you have to do is specify the amount of alcohol consumed in the program and wait for the software to allow you to drive after performing the calculations. Drive After analyzes everything with its special parameters and displays a message when alcohol is cleared from your system, indicating that you are now able to drive without any intoxication. If you start consuming alcoholic beverages again while setting up the program, there is no need to worry, just touch the screen once and reset everything from the beginning.


Drive After: Alcohol Calculator


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