EasyWay public transport v6.0.0 – Android public transport route map app
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The world’s population is growing day by day! You may not think of anything at first glance, but it must be said that this increase in the population of the planet will greatly affect and create problems for our lives in the future. Increasing population causes vehicles to increase, carbon dioxide emissions to multiply, and the ozone layer to degrade more and more. As mentioned, the main reason for the disruption of the ecosystem and the order of nature is the excessive use of vehicles by humans. In recent years, thanks to widespread publicity, different people in different communities have come to the conclusion that using public transportation has more benefits than personal transportation. That is why countries are constantly trying to increase these communication routes and vehicles to reduce the problems caused by carbon dioxide.EasyWay public transportIs a public transport route map application developed by EasyWay and published on Google Play. This map will help you dear ones to find the route and public transportation stations in some of their countries and cities and meet your needs quickly. One of the most important features is the ability to select the origin and destination; In this case, the intelligent system will suggest the best routes for traveling by public transport. The full list of these routes and their information is constantly updated so that in case of any problems and lack of Internet access, you can meet your needs completely offline. View your location live on designated routes and find out how much your trip will cost. Mark your busy routes and find the best routes for wheelchair users if you use a wheelchair.

Some features and capabilities of EasyWay public transport Android application:

  • View complete information and routes of public transport systems of different countries
  • Search for the shortest route between two different points on the map
  • Constantly updating information to use the app offline
  • View your current location with GPS
  • Information on public transport system costs
  • Mark your busy routes for quick access
  • Possibility to be informed of special routes designed for wheelchair users

Countries supported by the software:

  • Bulgaria (Sofia, Burgas, Plun, Plovdiv, Varna)
  • Croatia (Zagreb)
  • Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty)
  • Moldova (Chişin ،u, Tiraspol, Port, Balti)
  • Russia (51 major cities)
  • Serbia (Belgrade)
  • Ukraine (56 major cities)
  • Belarus (Minsk)
  • Uzbekistan (Tashkent)

EasyWay public transport application with a set of various features has been released by its developer for free with payment within the network of $ 2.99 and has been able to receive a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who, as always, can get the latest Download the ad-free version of it from the content-rich Usroid website .


EasyWay public transport