Equalizer Booster Pro- Simplistic v1.0 – Simple and powerful application to boost Android Equalizer,
purchased version for $ 1.00 for the first time in Iran

We all play audio and video files during the day by visiting video sharing sites or using our players, and sometimes, despite having a powerful hardware system, the output sound is of the desired quality. We do not have and it does not meet our expectations. The best way to solve this problem is due to software shortages; Use programs to improve and strengthen the equalizer. Equalizer Booster Pro- Simplistic is a simple and powerful app to boost the equalizer, provided by the Trash Apps team for $ 1.00 for AndroidPublished in Google Play Market. Easily access all of your equalizer bands as much as possible and get a desirable and high quality sound by making changes in them. There are several amplifier modes in the list of features of this program, the most popular of which is the bass booster system. Just touch the relevant option once to greatly increase the quality of the output bass of the device without the need for any additional manipulation. Just note that the booster equalizer capabilities are most evident when using the headset.

Some features and capabilities of Equalizer Booster Pro- Simplistic Android application:

  • There were no unnecessary ads and licenses
  • Access to 5 different and diverse equalizer bands
  • Professional sound and bass amplifier
  • Super powerful virtualization system
  • Volume controller output from the device
  • Refresh option to restore default settings
  • There were no restrictions on using the program

The Equalizer Booster Pro-Simplistic app has attracted the attention of users with a set of versatile features and has been released by its developer for $ 1.00 in the large Google Play Store, where, as always, you can purchase the latest version as Get it completely free from Usroid direct links .

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the initial version of the app on Google Play.


Equalizer Booster Pro- Simplistic