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One of the biggest problems that many people of different ages face today is addiction to Android smartphones or mobile phones, which has made such people unable to perform their daily activities properly. One of the main ways to deal with this addiction is to turn off the device or delete the most used applications, which in most cases will not work and you will return to the first point; If we pay some attention to psychology books, perhaps a sense of responsibility can be considered a suitable solution to solve this problem! Forest: Stay focused Full Premium Unlocked as a professional app for quitting mobile addiction and focusing on your activities for Android devicesDeveloped and published by Create your own forest and quit smartphone and social networking! The way this software works is that by activating this program every time and blocking the use of mobile phones, a tree in your virtual forest starts to grow, which stops the process of staying away from the smartphone and running other programs. Destroyed and if used too much, the created forest will be destroyed! Isn’t it interesting ?! This wonderful application with the slogan Stay focused, be present has been able to attract the opinion of millions of people in the field of mobile addiction and is currently one of the best programs in this field.


Forest Stay focused


After entering the Forest: Stay focused application environmentAndroid ; You can select a time interval. After that, select the plant you want and start by tapping the Plant option to reverse the number! With the beginning of the countdown and the passage of time, your seed will turn into small seedlings and then trees, and during this time you will not be able to use the phone, and if you can bear it, a tree will be added to your forest. The headset button at the top of the screen allows you to listen to soothing sounds as well, and these sounds become more and more varied. The further you go in quitting mobile addiction, the more coins you will earn; With these coins, you can buy newer seedlings and beautify your forest. You may say to yourself that this app will not help you in quitting mobile addiction; But we must say that thousands of people have been able to achieve their goal with the help of this program, of course, your will must be strong in this area, and if you do not have a strong will, you will never succeed not only in this way but also in achieving your dreams. Receipt! We suggest you try the interesting idea of ​​Forest: Stay focused for once.

Some features and capabilities of Forest: Stay focused Android app:

  • A new and fresh way to quit smartphone addiction
  • Focus on your daily activities
  • Share your virtual jungle and compete with your friends
  • Access the history of all your activities
  • Earn rewards and plant different tree species
  • Create whitelists for some essential applications

Application Forest: Stay focused with support for innovative able to more than 5 million downloads activated, rated 4.4 out of 5.0 achieved that can now copy premium and unlocked it for free from the server full Get Usroid speed . As it is known, this program has been published for free with in-app payment on Google Play, in which not all the features of the program are available in the original version, and to take advantage of all the features, you have to buy paid content with the program. The low value of Rials is not affordable at all, and in this regard, Usroid has offered the unlocked version for download so that you can use the monetary facilities of the program without any cost and one hundred percent free.

Note: In order for the app’s monetary capabilities to be available, you must log in to your account via email.


Forest Stay focused