Forgotten Hill First Steps v1.0.6 – Adventure and puzzle game “Forgotten Village: First Steps” for Android
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Forgotten Hill First Steps – Forgotten Village: The First Steps is another well-made and engaging game in the Forgotten Hill series from the Italian creative studio FM-Stud i o, which seeks to create the exemplary popularity of previous games in the series. Like other Forgotten Hill games, it is available as a premium and paid game for $ 2.49 on Google Play for Android players around the world to purchase. But Usroid, as always and for the first time among all Iranian sites, has purchased this game in a complete and complete form for you dear ones, and has provided it in a tested and exclusive form for download, so that you friends can pay without having to pay anything. Experience the paid version of this game as purchased and have a lot of fun! If like the Forgotten Hill franchiseFamiliarize yourself with Forgotten Hill Disillusion . You must know how the games in this series feel. These games all have mysterious, weird and scary themes and themes that make you wonder and engage your mind with what is happening in the game if you are in the heart of the story. In fact, it should be said that the goal of the creators of these games is almost something like this, so that the game and its mysterious story are always analyzed in your mind. If you are one of those who are interested in this style of games, we recommend that you do not miss this game and then join Usroid in introducing and reviewing it.


Forgotten Hill First Steps


بازی Forgotten Hill First StepsIn fact, it is a continuation of the story of the previous two parts. The main character of this franchise is a young man named Mr. Larson, whose life changed right after he set foot in an abandoned village called Forgotten Hill. In the previous episodes, he first inadvertently entered a theater and was confronted with scary and weird puppets that seem to have been stuck and cursed in that theater for years! After escaping from this theater and a bit of searching, he arrived at a medical clinic, which was introduced in the next part of this series of games. He went through a lot of hardships in this abandoned clinic and was confronted with strange creatures until he was finally able to escape. But now he is going to experience new things this time in a strange and cursed house. According to the story, Mr. Larson and his wife are crossing a dark road in the middle of the night when their car suddenly breaks down, and Mr. Larson, unaware that he has been forgotten once again in the village, is invited to another scary challenge. Becomes. Their car breaks down near a house, so Mr. Larson decides to go inside the house with a flashlight and ask for help. But entering this house is not very rational, and as soon as you enter this house, you will realize that a lot of bad things have happened in this place. You have to search this house to find the necessary things. During the search you have to find different items in different parts of the house and solve various puzzles. Be careful because despite the appearance, you are not alone in this house! Can you solve the dangerous and challenging mission of Mr. Larson in Forgotten Hill First Steps? The style of play is first person and of the Point and Click type. To download this game right now, go to the download boxGo to Usroid and get the latest version purchased.