Idle Prehistoric Park v0.9.8 + Mod – “Prehistoric Amusement Park” Management and Entertainment Game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited coins) separately
Tested by running offline

Idle Prehistoric Park – Prehistoric Amusement Park, whose full title on Google Play is Idle Prehistoric Park – Theme Park Tycoon, is another adventure-style clicker game from the American studio MegaFox. The game is free but has in-app purchases. MegaFox had previously produced and released another game called Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon, which was almost identical in content, appearance, and even naming to Idle Prehistoric Park – Theme Park Tycoon, and we had introduced and published it on Usroid for you dear users. This time, as the first Iranian website, we obtained and prepared the game as soon as it was released on Google Play and offered it for download along with a separate mod version. It is unclear why this studio is working on a repetitive idea that it has worked on before and has created a newer game, but what is clear is that MegaFox intends to turn this genre, especially this type of park management game with a prehistoric theme, into an exclusive title so that similar gaming companies do not pursue this idea, and thus this idea, which is already very attractive and lovable, remains a unique and exclusive idea for this company. In any case, if you have experienced the game Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon, you will probably notice the atmosphere of Idle Prehistoric Park – Theme Park Tycoon in a fraction of a second, as the nature of both games is almost the same.


Idle Prehistoric Park - Theme Park Tycoon


In the game Idle Prehistoric Park – Theme Park Tycoon, you are in charge of managing a prehistoric amusement park. Although the main style of the game is said to be adventure, due to words like Idle and Tycoon in the title and name of the game, it can be understood that the gameplay style of the game is designed just like clicker, strategy, and management games. The idea of the game is simple but very interesting. You travel to the world of prehistory and the world of early humans, where dinosaurs were among the important creatures on Earth and lived alongside humans. Your job is to turn a simple place from a small amusement park into a large and equipped game city. Although the technology of making game tools did not exist in the time of early humans, the interesting idea of MegaFox Studio makes you have a lot of fun in this game and use ancient facilities to build the most attractive and exciting recreational games such as the aerial train, Ferris wheel, and more. Unlike almost all similar games in the Idle and Tycoon style, Idle Prehistoric Park – Theme Park Tycoon has a 3D graphic structure and modeling, along with colorful and visual effects, making the game very attractive overall. Are you ready to build the first prehistoric amusement park and turn it into a large and equipped game city? Then start right now and download the Idle Prehistoric Park game from Usroid servers. The prehistoric amusement park game has succeeded in achieving an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0.