Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon v1.4.3 Mod – Management and simulation game “Park Asr Volume” for Android Trailer
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Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon – Stone Age Park: Prehistoric Merchant An interesting, creative and very entertaining game in the style of simulation games of the Clichér and Tycoon games, which was designed and developed for free by the American studio MegaFox and has been released for Android mobile phones and tablets. Simultaneously with the release of this game on Google Play, Usroid has prepared and introduced it for you dear ones, and along with the latest regular version, has also prepared a modded version of it for you friends, so that you can easily click this with just one click. Download the game from the site’s fast servers and experience it normally or indefinitely. Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon is modeled on many other Tycoon-style games, but is significantly different from this type of game, and that is its content and storytelling attitude. While most of these games are related to the modern world, Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon has gone to the prehistoric world and created a combination of it with the modern world. In this game, you travel to the world of the Stone Age (Paleolithic). You are in the role of a human being of the type of primitive humans and cavemen who decide to combine their cave life and trivial life with a great change and become the greatest businessman in the world in their time!


Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon


In Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon You have to build a prehistoric stone park and gradually develop it. As you progress through the park, your level of development will increase. The park is supposed to be an ancient amusement park. You have to use different things, including dinosaurs, to develop this park! The whole game is in the style of Idle Tycoon and in the form of cliché titles. You can build, develop and expand different parts of the park and add new things to it. As the park gets bigger, your visitors will increase and your income will increase. In Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon, you have to go through the same process and never stop expanding your park. In addition to the typical part of the park, you can also build an interesting and large water park by making large slides, making it the largest and most attractive historical water park in the world! In terms of graphic design, Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon, unlike many titles in the same genre, has a good structure and its designs are three-dimensional. This beautiful game is one of those games that can entertain you for a long time and have interesting challenges for you. You can learn more about it by looking at screenshots of Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon, and then, if you wish, the latest regular or modded version of the servers Download Usroid . In just less than a month, Park Asr-e-Hajar’s game reached more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play and managed to score a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 .