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Today, many books are no longer published in print, and many of them are available to the public digitally. One of the most popular types of digital versions are audio books, which apart from the types that are published in various formats such as PDF, you no longer need to view the screen and you can use only one headphone. Access their content. Free AudioBooks Pro Paid is the title of a collection of audiobooksThe original language is by AudioBookBazaar Lab Pvt. Ltd developed and published for Android operating system. With powerful database support, the software allows users to access thousands of different audiobooks and exposes them to a vast world of information. You no longer need to read any text and just click on the run option to play everything completely automatically. One of the most important features in the IDbook is offline mode support; So that by downloading your favorite book, you no longer need the Internet and everything is available to you at any time and place. Just note that this app supports free published books and does not sell any books with online payment.

Some features and capabilities of Free AudioBooks Pro Android app:

  • Access to thousands of original language audiobooks
  • There were no restrictions on the performance of the books
  • High-speed search system to access your favorite books
  • Accurate and intelligent categorization of all books
  • A collection of works by great and glorious authors
  • Offline mode to run books without the need for internet

App Free AudioBooks Pro can be considered one of the newest and best programs in the field of publishing audio books knew that the great cost $ 1.49 in Google Play Store has been released. This program has not been actively downloaded so far, and by downloading it from Usroid site, you will undoubtedly be one of the first global users.

Changes in version v1.8.3.1:

* Performance improvements + bug fixes + new features.


Free AudioBooks Pro