Frost KWGT v6.6.2 – Frost ready widget application for Android
Purchased and complete version of the program for $0.99 for the first time in Iran

Frost KWGT is an attractive Frost ready widget developed by Droid Beauty and published on Google Play. Everyday life is something that all of us humans run away from. Everyday life can cover all aspects of our lives, which ultimately leads to a decrease in energy to start a busy day. On average, we all use our smartphones for several hours every day. Fortunately, the Android operating system provides a variety of features to prevent users from creating these daily routines. Features that allow you to easily change the user interface and multiply its beauty. One of the most important tools of this operating system are widgets. Widgets allow us to quickly meet our needs without having to run software and execute commands with just the touch of an option. But as you know, the default widgets are very limited and do not have a good design. That’s why users are looking to use side widgets. Frost KWGT Frost is a complete pack of widgets that help you get rid of every day and enjoy working with your smartphone again. There are more than 50 different widgets in this package, each of which will meet your needs in some way; From showing the date and time to a tool to view the weather! One of the reasons this widget pack is so special; Its wonderful design. The developer team spent hours designing each of these widgets and using the best possible colors. Unlike many widget packages in the Android Market, this startup supports a variety of launchers. Just note that you need a professional version of KWGT software to use this unique package. (In previous posts, we have released the professional version of this program without any problems.)

Some features and capabilities of Frost KWGT Android application:

  • Access to a variety of widgets
  • More than 50 great widgets to customize the user interface as much as possible
  • Meet many of your daily needs using these widgets
  • Incredibly beautiful design using the best possible colors
  • Support for the most popular Android launchers
  • Quick updates to access new widgets

Frost KWGT application with its special features and capabilities has been published by its developer for $0.99 on Google Play and has received a score of 5.6 out of 5.6 by users, which you can now download the latest version of it. Get it without any restrictions from the popular and popular Usroid website.


Frost KWGT