FV File Pro v1.22.66 – File Manager for Android: Simple and Practical
Install the paid version of FV File Pro for free at a price of $3.99
Limited access to OBB and DATA folders

FV File Pro – اف وی فایل پرو is a powerful and simple file manager application worth $4 from FolderV Studio for Android. Organizing and arranging the files in the memory of smartphones is of great importance. Just as we like our homes to be tidy so that we can quickly access our belongings, it is necessary for the files in our phone’s memory to be organized according to our specific preferences, so that we do not face any difficulties when searching for files. However, unlike organizing our home or workplace, which requires physical activity, organizing the files in the smartphone’s memory does not require any physical energy; but it should be noted that it has its own challenges. One of these challenges can be the lack of access to a suitable file manager. Not having access to a suitable file manager can limit us in many ways. Therefore, in this post, we have decided to introduce you to a unique start-up app. The FV File Pro app provides its users with a variety of features and capabilities, allowing them to easily access and categorize all the files in their Android phone’s memory, according to their needs. Like many other file managers available in the market, using this app is simple and supports many formats. This also means that you will not face any problems when running images, videos, or even compressed files in different formats, and you will not need any additional start-up apps. Another interesting feature of the FV File Pro app is its ability to access obb and data folders; as you know, for security reasons, in newer versions of the Android operating system, direct access to data folders is not possible; therefore, we have to use external managers to meet our needs or install our desired games. This start-up app provides you with the ability to easily access and make desired changes to these two folders without the need for any root access.

Some features and capabilities of FV File Pro Android app:

  • An appropriate option for simple and easy management of files in memory
  • Support for all image formats and special formats for compressed files
  • Display a thumbnail of your files before execution
  • Possibility to connect to cloud servers to manage files on them
  • Possibility to connect to http servers or ftp servers
  • User access to two folders, data and obb, without the need for root access
  • Included in the list of Best Android File Manager Apps

The FV File Pro app, with its wide range of features and capabilities in file management, has been released by its developer for $3.99 on Google Play and has received a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 from users. You can now download the latest and full version of this app for free from the high-speed and direct servers of the Usroid website.





FV File Pro