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There are many benefits to living in a large, developed city. These benefits include quick access to many features, more revenue, more security, and more. But living in such cities is also difficult. Problems such as heavy traffic and air pollution, which make life very difficult for citizens. Different governments have come up with different ways to solve these problems. For example, the use of public transportation is one of the most efficient ways to solve the problem of traffic and air pollution. Another way is to use healthy vehicles such as electric cars, scooters and bicycles. There may not be the ability to use electric cars in all cities, but most of them can be easily used with a scooter or bicycle. The problem with using such devices is keeping them. In most parking lots, there is no place to park bicycles and similar equipment, making it impossible for many to use such equipment. But if these vehicles are used only for one route, the problem will be solved. Lyme is a startup whose goal is to realize such an idea. Lime – Your Ride Anytime the title of the Lime app for using rental bicycles is for the Android operating system, developed by Neutron Holdings, Inc. Developed and released for free on Google Play. Lime places bicycles, scooters and similar equipment in the city and at various stations. When a person needs a bicycle or scooter, they find the nearest bicycle with their phone and open and use it using the app. For each route, a very small fee is charged to the user, which makes it very affordable. You do not need to deliver the bike to a special station. When the route is over, you can lock the bike anywhere so that others can find and use it. Lime offers a variety of bikes, scooters and electric bikes and is great for use in intercity transportation.

Some features and capabilities of Lime – Your Ride Anytime Android app :

  • Quick and easy request for bicycle, scooter and 2.
  • Lock and unlock the bike at the start and end of the route
  • Instantaneous display of route costs
  • Easy to pay
  • Extensive support for American cities

Application Lime – Your Ride Anytime perfect solution for reducing air pollution and traffic problems, which could, with the consent of Android users Score 4.1 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Lime - Your Ride Anytime