Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting v + Mod – Android galaxy shooter game
Normal version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting is a new and popular game in the style of action and arcade games from OneSoft Studio for Android, which is available for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users have been received all over the world and as always, we have decided to introduce it to you, the lovers of space arcade games, for the first time in Iran! The story of the game is that the beautiful galaxy is attacked by enemies and they intend to destroy it! They have destroyed all the squadrons one after the other and you are the only hero! Yes you are the last hero of the galaxy and you will face a space attack; Your goal will be quite challenging because you have to save the galaxy from alien enemies! The control of the spaceship is in your hands and you have to destroy them one by one by shooting arrows at the enemies and go through hundreds of missions and challenging stages! By winning missions and collecting points, you will be able to upgrade your ship and multiply its power! In general, if you are a fan of aerial shooter games, Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting will undoubtedly attract your attention with its small volume.


Space Shooter Galaxy Shooting


Space Shooter: Galaxy Shooting game currently has a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store, which we have introduced for the first time in Iran in Usroid, along with your presence mode, dear ones! General features of the game include amazing lighting and special effects; Availability of a variety of power-ups for use against a wide range of employers; Ability to use a variety of weapons to destroy enemies; Ability to upgrade your spaceship; Exciting sound and overall good design compared to its meager 43 MB! You can first view images and trailers of the gameplay and then download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.