Gaia GPS Topo Maps and Trails v2021.10 – Android topographic map application
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Thanks to the satellites of various companies today, various maps are available from around the world, each with its own characteristics. One of the best and most widely used types of maps is called topography, maps in which the physical characteristics of the earth’s surface are known and can be informed of obstacles, difficult areas and و without any problems. Gaia GPS Topo Maps and TrailsIs the title of the Topographic Maps app published by TrailBehind Inc. for Android operating systems. With the help of this software online, you will have access to a special set of topographic maps and you will be able to engage in your sports activities such as cycling, walking, hunting and بدون without any problems. Save all the routes you want to navigate so that you can finally access them all without any problems. This open-air map, which covers a large part of the globe, has been continuously updated since 2009 and is one of the major topographic references. Easily share all your favorite routes and maps with your friends and let them know about your trip. In addition, it is better to know that you do not need a root to access the facilities.

Some features and capabilities of Gaia GPS Topo Maps and Trails Android app:

  • Access to a wealth of topographic maps online
  • Global, road, terrestrial and satellite maps
  • Intelligent system to download maps for offline use
  • View all routes traveled without any errors
  • Download several different layers of roles to integrate and access the perfect map
  • Adjust and mark the route and rest time
  • Sync all your activities with your account

Apps Gaia GPS Topo Maps and Trails as one of the best sources of topographic maps has been able to price $ 19.99 your rating of 4.5 from 5.0 to receive that can now newest version purchased it from the database giant Site Usroid downloaded.

Changes in version v2021.10:

* Allow MGRS coordinates to be entered when manually creating the access point
* Fixed issues with improved application performance