Gallery PRO v10.0.1 – Feature-rich and practical mobile Android gallery app
Purchased version for the first time in Iran at a price of $0.49

Imagine an Android operating system without a gallery app, forcing you to use file managers to view and manage your photos and videos! Undoubtedly, galleries are among the most essential apps that we need on Android devices more than anything else. We all know that by default, a gallery app is available on smartphones, but can these default apps fully meet our needs?! Gallery PRO is a feature-rich and professional photo and video gallery app with customization capabilities developed by Droid Corporation and published on Google Play. This app helps you have complete control over all your video and image files and manage them intelligently. Unlike many galleries available in the Android market that do not offer any special features, with Gallery PRO for Android, you can easily meet a wide range of your needs when it comes to viewing photos and videos. The first practical feature that catches everyone’s attention after installation is the ability to intelligently categorize your image files. Easily create a comprehensive folder structure for your images or entrust these categories to the app. The most important point we mentioned in the above description is the ability to customize app colors and environment, which is less noticeable in fewer startup apps. Easily determine the colors that match your taste to see everything you want when entering the user interface. Another feature is making users independent of other image management tools! Gallery PRO provides numerous management options to enable you to edit your photos to an acceptable level and fix any defects before sharing them with your friends. You have undoubtedly faced the problem of unintentionally deleting photos or video files. Gallery PRO simulates a Windows Recycle Bin-like feature with a smart trash bin to provide a two-stage file deletion system, ensuring that your files will never be accidentally deleted. If you always have trouble playing video files and constantly test different players, hold on, as an internal playback system allows you to play your favorite clips without the need for other apps and with very high quality.

Some features and capabilities of Gallery PRO Android app:

  • An appropriate option for smart management of video and image files
  • Multiple options for professional categorization of your files in Android
  • Possibility to edit images before sharing them with your friends
  • A powerful built-in player for playing video files with maximum possible quality
  • A two-step file deletion system to prevent accidental deletion of your photos and clips
  • Support for different languages around the world
  • Customization of colors and program environment to suit your personal taste

The Gallery PRO app, with its various features and capabilities in managing images and video files, has been published by its developer on Google Play for $0.49 and has attracted the attention of thousands of people around the world. You dear ones and loyal companions can now download the latest version of this practical startup from the vast database of the website Usroid.


Gallery PRO