As you know, e-mail is one of the most popular internet services that allows you to communicate with your friends and acquaintances in a very fast and cheap way and send files and texts. To use these services, you must first create an ID for yourself by subscribing to email sites, which are usually free email servers, meaning you can create an unlimited number of emails for yourself for free. Google Mail, or Gmail, is one of the oldest and first e-mail service providers in the world. It is known in the world and has attracted many users. Gmail It has a super-lightweight and user-friendly interface designed in the style of Google’s fully text-based search engine, and you won’t see any additional banners or heavy images on this site, and whatever it is, it’s text and very light scripts. This service allows you to use 40 different languages, chat online, categorize messages, download messages on your computer to access messages when you are not connected to the Internet


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This advanced service gives you all the features you would expect from an email service that allows you to easily do things like send and receive messages, manage messages, attach files to messages, and avoid accepting spam. ), Use the SMS service, tag messages, receive emails using Atom RSS and thousands of other features. Gmail service has its official software called Gmail for a variety of operating systems, including Android It offers users who use this service to easily use the features of this service on their mobile phones. The simple and beautiful software environment allows users to use all the features of Gmail in the fastest time. The latest version of the Gmail application for Android Karbrn have prepared you can get it for free with direct link to the Usroid get.