Google Keep – Google Cape is a new and very powerful service in the field of taking notes from the famous Google company and a serious competitor of Over Note, which we in Usroid today intend to introduce a special application for this service for Android smart operating system ! Undoubtedly, have you ever experienced the pleasure of taking notes and recording small moments and memories on paper ?! Now it’s time to transfer your notes to your Android mobile phone and gadget with the new Google application called Google Keep and quickly write down what is going on in your creative mind! Creating a variety of checklists, importing audio and taking photos and taking notes with them is one of the most useful features of the powerful Google Cape application, which is available to all users who are looking for a note-taking software.We offer fast and professional! With Google Keep, you will be able to type your notes in a beautiful and lovely environment where there is no advertising, and enjoy having a wonderful notebook and enjoy the free services of Google!

Some features and capabilities of the Google Keep Android application:

  • Track thoughts and knowledge through notes, lists and photos
  • Having widgets for quick access to the application through the home screen
  • Ability to color notes to speed up finding them throughout the notes
  • Make notes and create a variety of checklists
  • Archive notes and content that you no longer need
  • Has powerful voice and voice transcripts

Apps Google Keep with more than 500 million users worldwide of the best programs taking notes on Android is and has good rating of 4.5 from 5.0 to learn that we are in Usroid to users Aziz newest version of it for the first time In Iran , we provide you with the hope that you will like it. Finally, note that you can control and control your website and computer by visiting Manage your notes.


Google Keep