GSam Battery Monitor Pro v3.41 – Battery consumption monitoring program by Android applications
priced at $ 2 and rated 4.4 out of 5.0 on Google Play ..

GSam Battery Monitor Pro is one of the best and most popular battery monitoring and reduction programs for Android devices, which GSam Labs Studio has made for Android tablets and phones. Maybe you are one of those people who charge the Ethan Android device as soon as possible and within a few hours, and you do not know which program or game running in the background caused this problem !? GSam Battery Monitor Pro application Powerful and excellent software with unique features from GSam Labs programming group for AndroidWith which you can easily see the consumption of each program of battery charge or know that your phone with the current situation can spend exactly a few hours or a few minutes in standby or how long until it runs out. Battery time left. GSam Battery Monitor Pro application in different sections determines the battery consumption of each part of your phone, including applications, screens, etc., and displays as a percentage (%) which parts are more than other parts Consume batteries, and this can determine the high-consumption programs for you.

Some features and capabilities of GSam Battery Monitor Pro Android application:

  • Keep you informed of the remaining charge through the status bar
  • Having a dedicated widget for the home screen with a display of battery percentage + remaining time
  • List all installed apps and games on one page to display usage
  • Display the battery consumption of the phone’s hardware parts such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen and…
  • Display complete information of consumption in different time periods through graphs
  • Alarm support for setting a custom alarm by the user for information on charge, temperature and battery health

Application GSam Battery Monitor Pro now on Android Market with $ 1.99 sold and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 , which we have today in Usroid latest version of it for free with direct links to provide you with that. The version that we have offered for download is the purchased version with all the features.


GSam Battery Monitor Pro