Guilty Parade [Mystery visual novel] v2.3.8 + Mod – “Parade of Sinners” story and adventure game for Android
Normal version + Mod version (opening of the second season of the game) separately
tested with offline performance

Guilty Parade is a very beautiful and completely different game in the style of adventure games such as visual story games (Visual Novel), which is written with a completely mysterious and cryptic theme. This game was created and developed by a creative and independent studio called Nozori Games from Russia. Usroid has once again, for the first time among all Iranian sites, introduced and published the latest version of another game, which has also been modeled and unlocked. Although Guilty Parade is not unique in nature, the creators of this game have added so many interesting parts to it that we can say without exaggeration that without a doubt, Sin Parade is one of the best Visual Novel style games among all similar games in This style is considered. This game is the first official project of Nozori Games Studio, which has been released not only for the Android operating system, but also through the Steam Store for the Windows PC platform. If you want to experience a different and exciting game in an adventurous and mysterious style, join Usroid in introducing this fascinating title. Guilty Parade tells the story of several different characters who somehow intersect with each other. The main story of this game is related to a long war. A war that has taken place between two different parties and its fire is increasing day by day. The main character of the game is a young soldier named Nemo who suffers from amnesia. At the behest of his commander, he is sent to the enemy’s territory as a spy to increase his side’s chances of victory by spying and discovering a series of facts.


Guilty Parade


In the game Guilty Parade ,nemo’s main goal is to discover the truth about a crime that seems to have been the starting point of this war. This mission makes Nemo now watch its events not only from the point of view of one group, but also from the point of view of both sides of the war. During this person’s mission, he must start gathering evidence to find the reasons and culprits of the crime without noticing the enemy soldiers. His work is hard, challenging and dangerous. During the role of Guilty Parade in the role of this character, you have to go to different places and get a lot of clues. An important part of the game includes the dialogues between the characters and you have the right to choose the dialogues in the role of the main character of the game. The game developer says that these choices directly affect the story, so you should pay special attention to this part with high intelligence and accuracy. In other parts of the game, there are several puzzles and puzzles of the type Hidden Objects, which have made Guilty Parade a dynamic and fun game with several different parts. Do you manage to discover the strange adventures of this war? Will you become one of the victims of this espionage or will you be forced to betray your main group? It all depends on your decisions and choices. Game Guilty Parade by earning a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 was able to gain a lot of popularity among the audience of this style of games. To download the latest version of this game, you cangoto download Usroid boxright now and download the regular or modded version of the game from the direct links of the site. Please note that despite its appearance and cartoon characters, Guilty Parade is a very violent game for adults over 16 years old.


Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.nozorigames.guiltyparade folder to Android/obb internal storage.

– Run the game.