Healthy Meal Planner – Week Recipe Planner v1.7 [ad-free] – Android food plan management and tracking application, ad-free
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Having a healthy and consistent diet plan, in addition to maintaining good health, helps you stay away from any disease and do not lose your fitness. Many people may think that having a regular diet is only for athletes, but it is better to know that ordinary people need such planning more! Healthy Meal Planner – Week Recipe PlannerIs the title of a food management and tracking application published by Neno Tech for Android. This software helps you to plan each of your meals around the clock in a completely intelligent way and stay away from common diseases such as sugar, fat and کردن by following it. Make your own plans for different days of the week and make sure there are never any nutritional mistakes. To prevent disruption, keep a list of foods in your area so you can quickly get the food you need if you have any shortages. The reminder system also allows you to remember them before the meal time.

Some features and capabilities of Healthy Meal Planner – Week Recipe Planner Android app:

  • Create a consistent and healthy eating plan to stay as healthy as possible!
  • Add different meals to the list
  • Designing custom plans for different days of the week
  • A simple menu for quick access to information
  • Regular reminders to cook your favorite foods
  • Create a list of foods available at home
  • Edit or delete created lists
  • See a complete list of grocery stores

Application Healthy Meal Planner – Week Recipe Planner to benefit from the facilities varied been able to attract thousands rated 4.0 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now have the most recent version without advertising it valid website Usroid get ; This program has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones.

Version v1.7 changes:

* Ability to copy information for each meal
* Daily reminders for each meal
* Updated privacy policy option


Healthy Meal Planner – Week Recipe Planner