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Use of medicinal plants to treat diseases, relieve pain, relieve skin problems and…. It is very old and thousands of years old. In the book of Avesta, which is the oldest book of Iranians, herbal medicine is mentioned and examples of it are mentioned. It is certainly not possible to talk about the antiquity of using plants for medical purposes, but one thing we are sure of is that this type of treatment has always been one of the main methods of human treatment. About a century ago, chemical drugs began to appear and the use of herbs for medicinal purposes was gradually abandoned. So that even for those medicinal plants, alternative pills were made. At first, the general public was unaware of the side effects of chemical drugs and used these drugs extensively, but after the case was reported in the media and the public was informed about the sometimes irreparable harms of chemical drugs, the tendency to treat people again Return to herbal medicine. In recent years, we have seen an increasing boom in herbal medicine. These days we can see many sites, stores, channels and social pages that all work in the field of herbal medicine. All you have to do is search for herbal remedies for a disease with a wealth of information. Unfortunately, due to the low awareness of the majority of people, many pseudo-scientific and erroneous articles about herbal medicines are published on the web and are widely used. This issue has caused all kinds of complications and diseases among the people and has faced them with many problems. The fact is that herbal medicine can be used only in special cases and can not be used for all diseases. In most cases, chemical drugs have no herbal alternatives.Herbal Treatment (treatment plant) as an app, comprehensive information of herbal medicine and treatment plant in Farsi for the Android operating system is the software group Code to Inspire development and for free on Google Play has been published . In this program, various complications and diseases such as hair bleaching, hair loss, acne and…. Are listed and you can access herbal remedies by clicking on each of them. In addition, there are foods and herbal medicines that you can enter and get interesting information about their healing properties. Note that this program is for informational purposes only and we never recommend that you seek herbal treatment without consulting your doctor.


Herbal Treatment


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