Premium and paid version of the game worth $5.99 is now available for free for you!

AntiSquad Tactics Premium v2.05 + Mod – Different Android Strategy Game with Data + Trailer
Regular version + Mod version with infinite money separately

AntiSquad Tactics – Anti-Group Tactics is a new game in the strategic and action game genre from InsGames studio for Android, which was released a few hours ago for $5.99 on the Android market (Google Play). This game invites you to perform exciting and different missions as various charismatic and cartoon characters, where in these missions, you must infiltrate, destroy, attack, and … to keep yourself entertained for hours. Various enemies exist in AntiSquad Tactics, and with your special tactics, you can eliminate them one by one and experience a different kind of strategic game on your Android phone. Choose one of your favorite characters from several different options and enter the tutorial section to become familiar with the shooting and movement of the character under your control. Then, enter your first real battle and try your luck in destroying other people using various military equipment!

You can also accept missions from your commander and embark on a difficult journey where enemies lie in ambush in various places. The online feature of AntiSquad Tactics is its best feature, and by connecting to the internet, you can fight with other people and earn much higher scores than the offline section. Go to the store with the points you have earned and buy any item you need. In addition to buying these items, you can change the appearance of your character by spending money. Get a new outfit for him to have a unique appearance and be unique on the battlefield! Form a group with your friends in the Antisquad Tactics game and face off against other groups, and in case of victory, divide the money earned among yourselves. The opponent’s tactics have high graphics and have made remarkable progress compared to the computer version.

Some of the features of the strategic game AntiSquad Tactics for Android:

* More than 30 missions in different environments

* Dozens of special abilities and weapons

* There are different types of pesticides for destroying

* Having an interesting and extraordinary story is important.

* HD graphics along with stunning images

The game AntiSquad Tactics now has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on the Android market, and as always, we at Usroid introduce the latest version of it to you as soon as possible and for free! This version of the game is the paid version, unlike the free version, it does not require energy and premium currency, and the price of items is cheaper!

Minimum system requirements for running the game: Android 4.0 and above + 1 gigabyte of RAM or higher + CPU 1200 megahertz or higher …

* New weapons have been added for high-level users.
* A new game mode has been added: HOT-SEAT.
* Game bugs and issues with Android 6 have been fixed.


Download AntiSquad Tactics Premium - new Android action game + data + mode


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it. Copy the com.insgames.antisquad.premium folder to the Android/Obb directory.