Battery Alarm v46 – Battery Charge Time Alert and Optimization App on Android
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Perhaps you have used various programs to increase the battery life of your smart device, all of which were based on optimizing settings, and some were based on stopping background programs to adjust the rhythm of your device’s work, but you have never paid attention to the battery charging time! The battery charge level is one of the most important factors in the duration of the device’s operation, or in other words, its life, which with the optimization of this process, you can undoubtedly use your smart device battery for years without any problems. Before anything else, you should be aware that if your device’s battery remains overcharged beyond the allowable limit, it will cause the loss of stored space, and over time, your device’s battery will be damaged. The Battery Alarm application helps its users to optimize the battery charge and also maintain the storage space by announcing the time of the device’s exit from the charge, and increase the battery life of your smartphone several times; just install the program to receive complete information about the battery, and receive an alarm when the battery is discharged. You can customize the application to notify you when you reach a specific level of charge, or change the notification alarm to your liking.

Some features and capabilities of the Battery Alarm Android app:

  • Show current level of battery
  • Set an alert when reaching a specific level of charge (default value is 80%)
  • Show current charging mode (AC or USB)
  • Ability to personalize the alert ringtone
  • Show each battery level with a specific color
  • Adjust the volume of received alerts
  • Show battery charging progress in the notification bar
  • Support for various plugins
  • Automatic startup of the app in the background

The Battery Alarm app, which is available in the Android market for $1.49 , has received an incredible rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. By purchasing the app from Usroid, you can be one of the first users to install it on your Android device.


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