Battlefield Interstellar vBFI_1.0.8 + Mod – Android Shooting Game “Interstellar Battlefield” + Trailer – New and Lightweight Game with 43 MB Installation File
Regular version + Mod version separately

Battlefield Interstellar is a new and exciting game from Codelabs Studio game development studio in the genre of shooting and shooter games for Android devices that was released for free on the Play Store hours ago. This game invites you to the bloodiest battle! We are now in the year 3000 and humans have been able to discover the stars and set foot in them! All your battles take place in interstellar locations and you start your new mission as a strong commander to eliminate all members of a terrorist organization that claims to be freeing the world by destroying all cities and humans! Various powerful weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, etc. are at your disposal to eliminate a wide range of enemies and clear the planet of terrorists! The game, with a total volume of 42 megabytes, is very well designed and we recommend it to all users and gamers who love action and shooting games.

Some features of the action game Battlefield Interstellar for Android:

* Includes 20 different battlefields for fighting against various enemies

* Clearing the planet of enemies with 20 unique missions

* Includes over 70 different scenarios and challenging future-related challenges

* Providing access to various types of weapons with customization and upgrade capabilities

* Build your own dedicated database and defend it against various enemies

* Includes endless waves of enemies with various powers and skills

* Realistic 3D graphics, optimized for a wide range of devices

The game Battlefield Interstellar currently has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 on the Play Store, and at Usroid, we provide the latest and last version of it for free, which you can download with just one click. Based on our experience, we will definitely come across comments asking if there is a possibility of movement in the game, so it is better to answer this question here: no, you cannot move the character in the game!

Note: The game requires internet to run.


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