Bridge Constructor Medieval – A Medieval Bridge Building Game is a beautiful and entertaining game in the genre of puzzle bridge building games from the game development studio Headup Games, designed specifically for the Android operating system. Its first version was released for sale to Android users worldwide a few hours ago at a price of $1.99! If you have been following Usroid, you may remember that we introduced a game called Bridge Constructor a long time ago, in which various materials and resources were available to you to build bridges, and you had to build multiple bridges using them correctly and properly so that vehicles could successfully pass through and reach their destination. It was very well received by you, with over 28,000 visits by visitors [More information]. However, in the game Bridge Constructor Medieval, you go back to the medieval era and have to build strong bridges to ensure the safety of your city and defend against enemy attacks!

In the game Bridge Constructor Medieval, you will use five different materials to build bridges, such as wood, heavy wood, stone, ropes, and more! If you are looking for a fun and educational Android game, we highly recommend not to miss the Bridge Constructor Medieval game!

Some features of the Bridge Constructor Medieval game for Android:

* Includes new surfaces and multiple game modes for a completely new gaming experience

* Your strong bridge design will protect the city against enemy trebuchets.

* Having excellent graphics and exciting sound in proportion to its small size.

Today, we are offering you the game Bridge Constructor Medieval on Usroid, and we hope you enjoy it.


Download Bridge Constructor Medieval 1.0 - Android bridge building game



Bridge Constructor Medieval Android - a new Android game