Castle Defense – دفاع از قلعه is a beautiful and lightweight game in the strategic genre, produced by Elite Games for the Android operating system. It is completely free and available to all Android users on Google Play, and has been downloaded millions of times by strategy game enthusiasts, ranking among the top Android games. The game is available on the Android market: “Your kingdom and land are in danger and all enemies have decided to destroy you. In the midst of this, all hope rests on you!”

Yes, you are playing the role of a player and a commander by choosing one of the three races in the game called Wizards, Royal Forces, and Warrior Villagers. You must go to battle with various enemies and demons! Your main task in the game is to create various strong defensive buildings against these creatures to prevent their advance towards the castle and suppress them all!

Some of the features of the strategic game Castle Defense for Android:

* Choosing between wizards, wrestlers, or warriors and sending them to the battlefield

* There are various types of powerful towers: 4 unique towers with different appearances, functions, and combinations

* Including more than 15 challenging levels with tasks such as protection, attack, and more.

* The possibility of fighting and competing with millions of players from all over the world online

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* Having various achievements such as perseverance and… for eliminating all-encompassing enemies.

* Having excellent graphics and exciting sound in a very small and insignificant size

* Support for all smartphones and tablets with Android operating system 2.2 and above

The Castle Defense game currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 on the Android market. Today, we, as the first Iranian website, at Usroid, provide you with the latest and final version related to March 2014 (which is today!) for free and with a direct link.

Version 1.6.3 Changes: (Updated)

* Fixing issues and improving game graphics


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