City Island: Airport is a new version of the popular city-building game, City Island, for the Android operating system, designed and developed by the Sparkling Society group. In this game, you must create a unique city and expand the airport section to attract tourists and become a famous investor! You can focus on building and balancing the city, airport, and tourist attractions such as hotels and recreational accommodations, or play online for free with people from different countries. You must control all incoming and outgoing flights by building various airports and have professional management skills for your city. There is also the possibility of building various attractions to earn a lot of money from your city.

Some features of City Island: Airport game for Android:

* Access to dozens of beautiful and unique buildings such as hotels, tourist attractions, airports, terminals, flight towers, airport runways, landmarks, and homes.

* Possibility of upgrading the flight tower and terminal based on the level of island expansion

* Collect XP to unlock new airports and city buildings

* Airplane flights to various destinations around the world including: Paris, Berlin, Tunis, Dubai, Amsterdam, London, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Beijing, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney.

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* Resolving issues and improving game performance


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