The devil wakes up from his sleep and darkness and oppression increase. In the terrifying game Dark Avenger, darkness has taken over everywhere and oppression is rampant, and you must prepare your heroes for battle and send them to fight the devil. You must constantly train with them to become powerful and not allow the devil to gain control over the earth.

This game is one of the exciting and terrifying games for Android devices. If you are interested in horror games, without a doubt, this game will be enjoyable for you. You should be aware that the devil is everywhere and may harm you at any moment. After each victory, you will earn points and be rewarded.

* Weekly game against the best players worldwide

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Version 1.3.4 changes: (Version 1.3.4 only available on Usroid)

* Resolving game issues for the best Android gaming experience


Download Dark Avenger - scary battle game with Android



Download Dark Avenger android



Download Dark Avenger android



Download Dark Avenger android