Fortunes of War v2.06 – An interesting and entertaining card game of the fortunes of war for Android
The full and purchased version of the game is offered to you dear ones for $2.99
Tested for offline play

Fortunes of War – خوشبختی های جنگ is an exciting title of an extraordinary low-size game in the card and strategic genre, produced by Spellbook Studio and released as a paid game for $2.99 on Google Play. Usroid is the first Iranian website to provide and offer this game for its lovely followers. Fortunes of War is truly an all-in-one game in the card genre. At the beginning of the game, you start with a small deck of cards and if you can earn points well, you can expand and increase the number of your own card deck. The game has a story campaign section in which, according to its story, you are a great warlord who is preparing to dominate the world. The secret of your success is to use the personal guidance of a fortune teller named Hagar. This person can give you good advice by predicting near and far futures. Now you have to pay attention to these predictions and use Hagar’s guidance and sayings in various stages of the game to win! But you will also have many enemies. Your enemies range from humans to elves and orcs. Now it’s up to you to start competing and fighting with your enemies in the role of this military commander and stay ahead of others by using a powerful tool called rational predictions. But are these predictions enough for you to win? Will your enemies get their hands on this powerful weapon? To answer these questions, you have to follow the Campaign or story section of the Fortunes of War game.


Fortunes of War


This game also has an online section for competing with other players around the world. The general nature of the game is the same in all sections, and its overall goal is to collect and use cards correctly and in a timely manner. Each card from different card categories has specific features that other cards do not have. Therefore, you need a special strategic and competitive ability to get the best result in the Fortunes of War game. In this game, there is a card pool treasury. When players use their cards in competitions, they can randomly obtain new cards from this treasury again. The challenges of the stage section of the game, along with the competitive online section, have made Fortunes of War one of the favorite options for players. This game, which is very small and attractive, has so far received a full score of 5.0 out of 5.0 from users’ votes and has reached the top of the best card games on Google Play. If you wish, you can download the latest official update of the purchased version of this game from the servers of Usroid and tested.

* New game design for Android 9.0 and above
* Fixing all UI-related bugs
* Addition of multiplayer and online modes
* Improved gameplay and smoother performance compared to before
* Improved AI in the Campaign Mode
* Addition of new introductory music
* Optimization of messaging system and pop-up dialogs
* Addition of 4 new leaderboards