Furry Pet Hospital v1.0 + Mod – Android Educational and Children’s Game: Home Pet Hospital + Trailer
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlocked) Separately
Tested and playable offline

Furry Pet Hospital – بیمارستان حیوانات خانگی is a creative and educational game designed specifically for children and produced by the Hong Kong-based studio Libii. The studio’s motto is to create and develop educational and creative games for children around the world, so that children can have fun while facing various educational issues. In this game, you play the role of a doctor who must take care of cute pets with special problems in a special pet hospital. For example, a little bunny who caught a cold because he didn’t use a blanket at night, or a cute panda who broke his leg after falling from a tree, or a playful and gluttonous dog whose teeth are damaged due to eating too much chocolate and candy. These poor animals are among some of your patients who need treatment. Other patients, such as fluffy cats, parrots, and more, also come to you for treatment. Each patient has their own specific problem, and you must use the tools available to you to treat them as best as possible. There are multiple stages and various treatments throughout the Furry Pet Hospital game that you must be able to handle well. The fantasy designs and animations of this game have made its appearance very vibrant and colorful, making it an excellent option for children. The creators have also included various other side and different stages throughout the game for you.

Some features of Furry Pet Hospital game for Android:

  • Interesting and eye-catching graphics
  • 3D and colorful designs suitable for children’s taste
  • Presence of 6 cute pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, pandas, and parrots
  • Availability of 12 types of medical treatments and services (two for each pet)
  • Possibility to perform sub-tasks and missions
  • Possibility to earn special points
  • Ability to upgrade different sections of the hospital including decoration

Furry Pet Hospital is a suitable game for girls and boys to not only have fun but also learn scientific and medical information by playing it. This game also helps children to become familiar with the concept of management and creativity and have a better learning experience from their surroundings. By performing various missions in Furry Pet Hospital, you can become a famous veterinarian! Hurry up and install this game to help these poor and cute animals! This beautiful game has been downloaded more than 1 million times in Google Play in just a few days after its release. So far, Furry Pet Hospital has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. Usroid has provided the regular and unlocked version of this game for free download for you, dear ones.

* The first version of the game is now available on Google Play.


Furry Pet Hospital