Knightmare Tower is a new and beautiful adventure and action game for Android operating system, in which you have to do your best and save various princesses from enemies! Basically, you are responsible for controlling the black knight and you have to enter the castle’s prisons through walls and ceilings and save the princesses one by one. Various obstacles are placed on your way that you should remove them quickly and your only goal is to save the young princesses! There are various guards to protect the princesses that you need to find their weaknesses with your special skills and help the princesses escape.

There are 5 hearts at the top of the screen as your blood, which you should try not to lose. With each encounter with enemies, one of them decreases, and of course, you can use the achievements available on the way to increase them.

* Having two different modes of survival and competition to advance in the stages of the game.

* Having 10 princesses to rescue by you, who are all daughters of the king.

* Possibility of upgrading boots, armor, and sword by winning stages and collecting achievements.

* Including more than 70 different stages for players to complete

* Includes more than 50 different and diverse monsters for you to cut

* Availability of various giant bombs for killing monsters

* Having professional graphics and sound in a very small size

(Note: The original text is in Persian and there may be variations in translation depending on context.)

The new game Knightmare Tower is now available on the Android market with a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. Today, at Usroid, we provide you with the first version of the game along with the modded version (unlimited money), which you can download with just one click by visiting the rest of the article.

* Resolving various issues to eliminate the black screen on devices


Download Knightmare Tower - addictive Android horror game + mod



Download Knightmare Tower Android Apk + Mod - New Free



Download Knightmare Tower Android Apk + Mod - New Free