You must be familiar with the famous and classic game of Mario, the mushroom eater! The game that was one of the most memorable and exciting games for us on micro devices! Today, we have the intention of introducing a new and incredibly beautiful game in the style of Super Mario, called Lep’s World, with which you can relive past memories and experience the best and most exciting fantasy action games on your Android phone. This game, which has been released for free in versions 1 and 2 on the Play Store, is one of the top and most popular games on Android with over 60 million downloads, and has also earned a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

In this game, you play as the beloved character of the game, Lep, and the story goes like this: one beautiful sunny day in the village of Leprechaun, Lep and his friends were relaxing under the sunlight when suddenly dark clouds covered the entire sky and thunder and lightning took over everywhere. An evil wizard appeared and stole all the villagers and their treasures except for Lep who managed to escape! Now Lep intends to save his family and friends, so help him on this journey and entertain yourself for hours.

Some features of Lep’s World game version 1 and 2 for Android:

* Play in 8 different worlds with over 64 levels (version 2) and 52 levels for version 1

* Having more than 13 different enemies in version 2 and 9 enemies in version 1 of the game.

* Playing in very exciting environments such as the Gangstar Vegas series, Super Mario and Giana games

* Having more than 10 items and various abilities in version 2 to increase the excitement of the game

* Very tough challenges and fights with enemy leaders at every stage of the game

* Having very good graphics compared to its very small size (45 and 10 megabytes)

We have decided to introduce both version 1 and 2 of the game Lep’s World together and make them available for download for the convenience of users. If you would like to experience this game on your Android phone, you can easily download the latest version of the game from Usroid by clicking on it, which is related to November 2013. You can also watch a trailer of the game if you wish!


Download Lep's World 2 and Lep's World - Mario style Android game!



Download Lep's World 1 $ 2 Android Apk - NEW



Download Lep's World 1 $ 2 Android Apk - NEW



Download Lep's World 1 $ 2 Android Apk - NEW