Mafon is a new and very interesting music player for the popular Android operating system that takes you back to the 80s! This program is capable of playing all your songs in a completely different way and in an old cassette player. All the buttons of this cassette player will also be used to control the music. You can use the slider buttons of this player to increase or decrease the volume of the music, or you can use << or >> in the cassette player to go to the next or previous songs!

In this player, the Eject button is also used to remove the cassette tape from the player, which can be used to change the album! The Mafon player, in addition to having a very beautiful appearance, has features such as brightness control, battery level display, keeping music playback in the background, and remote playback control, and has all the expectations you have from a music player.

The first version of this program was released today for free on Android Market. We have provided it for you on Usroid, and by visiting the rest of the article, you can not only download it but also see some pictures of its environment to understand what has been explained.


Download Mafon 1.0 - Classic, old and interesting music player for Android