Mandora is a popular and incredibly beautiful action and entertainment game for the Android operating system, which has been downloaded over 7 million times from the Play Store and is one of the most popular and best Android games! We quote the game’s story from Google Play: “Welcome to the Moonycat village! A place where science and magic are combined and the possibility of creating domestic creatures is provided! In the beautiful game of Mandora, you plant strange creatures on your farm, located in a magical village, and by harvesting them, you increase your score and money. In the game stages, a limited time is determined, during which you must create your creatures and pull them out from under the ground!” As you can see, as a farmer, you have to harvest forty-five different types of Mandora plants from the ground and experience the best and most enjoyable entertainment game on your Android phone. In the game, time is of the essence, and it is your effort and speed that will allow you to collect more Mandoras!

* It is possible to play Zombie Driver THD online with other users worldwide via the Survival mode.

* Collecting golden leaves of Modjoud in live condition to equip magical booths

* Having an Endless state to enjoy unlimited picking

(Note: The original text appears to be in Persian, but the translation may not be accurate as there is no context provided.)

* Having an accurate ranking system to challenge friends to reach the highest rank

* Having more than 45 different mandolins for collection by the player

* Having HD graphics and exciting and excellent sound for its small size

* Support for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages

The game Mandora has been released for free and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, and today we at Usroid are providing you with the latest version of it along with the data file for free and with a direct link. We hope you enjoy it.

* 4 new seasons have been added to the survival mode

* Adding 24 new species from summer and fall, etc.


Download Mandora - popular and exciting game Mandora Android + Data


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format using the password Copy the com.rayark.uproot folder to the Android/obb directory.

Run the game offline.