Mountain Madness v2.1.70 + Mod – Very exciting arcade game “Penguin Skiing” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlocked) separately
Tested by running offline

Mountain Madness – Penguin Ski Adventure is a simple yet highly entertaining game developed and released for Android devices for free. The studio responsible for creating and publishing this game is JaffaJam from New Zealand. For the first time in Iran, Usroid invites you to experience a new and challenging entertainment on your Android mobile or tablet by providing both the regular and modded versions of this game. Mountain Madness is a skill-based game in the adventure and action category. In Mountain Madness, you play as a penguin living in a small house on a snowy mountain when suddenly the terrifying sound of winter comes from the mountain. He has no chance to collect his belongings and the only thing he has with him is his skis or snowboard! Now you have to ride your ski as this penguin and move down the mountain as fast as possible. The deadly and heavy winter is chasing you and if you hesitate for just a few moments, it will catch you and drown you! Therefore, the first essential factor in Mountain Madness is to move at high speed. But this winter is not your only challenge! Your harder challenge is the various obstacles you will encounter along the way. You are skiing down a mountain in this game. The obstacles in front of you are trees, rocks, and other obstacles that will stop you and make you lose if you collide with them.


Mountain Madness


In the game Mountain Madness, there is another interesting obstacle – the roads that exist in the heart of these mountains. These roads always have a large number of vehicles passing through them, and the likelihood of colliding and having an accident with these cars while crossing these roads is very high! Attention, focus, and timing are what you need in this game. By passing flawlessly through the levels, you can receive points and prize boxes. With these points, you can also buy better equipment such as skis or snowboards, unlock characters and other creatures such as grizzly bears. By passing near obstacles, you can receive a special score called Near Miss. During the game, you can also see other skiers. If they are smaller than you, you can not only earn points by skiing over them, but also create a funny and humorous scene. You don’t need any special skills to play this simple and enjoyable game. The game controllers are also very simple, and you can play the game with just one finger. Usroid has provided the latest tested version of this game along with its modded version as the first Iranian website, and made it available for free download.

* Offering the game 100% free and without advertising.