Ner – Photo Editor, Pip, Square, Filters, Pro v1.0.0 – Creative Image Editor Android App
Purchased version for $0.99 – Introduction for the first time in Iran

Ner – Photo Editor, Pip, Square, Filters, Pro is a unique and highly creative app for editing images on Android smartphones, developed and published by Fast Pro Apps. This exceptional software enables any user to easily edit their photos to the fullest extent possible by accessing a collection of various editing tools and show themselves in much more attractive images. The features available in this smart app are updated daily and new filters are available to users every day. If we want to review the overall capabilities of Ner, one of the best features is automatic editing; just touch the screen once to automatically balance colors, contrast, white balance, and more. More than 700 different filters and 1200 attractive effects turn anyone into a professional editor. If you’re not satisfied with your device’s default camera, you have access to the hidden camera in this app and can capture completely artistic images with live filters. Ultimately, the app can be considered an all-in-one program that incorporates a collection of separate tool capabilities.

Some features and capabilities of the Ner – Photo Editor, Pip, Square, Filters, Pro Android app:

  • Create balance between colors in the image with just one touch
  • Different frames to place images in between them
  • Possibility of registering extraordinary selfies with the internal camera of the application
  • Cropping, rotating, and fixing image problems with Image Converter Pro
  • Professional face retouching to have an attractive appearance
  • Focusing on different parts of the captured photo
  • Access to more than 700 unique filters and 1200 effects
  • More than 800 cute stickers to place on images

The Ner – Photo Editor, Pip, Square, Filters, Pro application has been released as one of the most comprehensive software available for image editing with a price of 0.99 dollars on the Google Play Store. Do not waste time creating very artistic and attractive images and download this popular editor from the Usroid website.

* The first version of the app is now available on Google Play – Released for the first time in Iran by Usroid.